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Quality Gaming Content and Discussion

Computer games started to developed centuries ago, and after that, it catches the attention of people from every corner of the world. As it became a source of entertainment for everyone, but as the time passed some people started to take these games more seriously. They got themselves deeply involved with Gaming, as they considered that Gaming is not just a source of entertainment but it can also be someone’s passion or become a sport as well. And after that Gaming become one of the famous sports, and then after 1950s Gaming Competitions were started. In the start, as it was the age of classic games so competitions were of Retro gaming, but as advanced and latest games started to develop then different Gaming Communities were organised.

Gaming Communities

The main purpose of these communities was to hold the official discussions related to their specific games. Every Gaming community takes out proper discussions online in order to bring some new features or to make some advancements in their recently developed games. In these communities not just the official member of the company, but many other professional gamers participate as well, and put up their ideas in front of company officials. And a good example of it is Rockstar community, as they introduced so many versions of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 5. The reason for releasing so many version is due to some deficiencies in their previous versions, or there were some contents and features which were not appropriate for these type of games.

Unofficial Communities

So after making enough improvements, they kept on introducing newer versions, and in 2015 the final version of Grand Theft Auto 5 was released with all the improvements or whatsoever changes required were made in it. These online communities are really necessary, as due to them company instantly finds out their deficiencies, and starts to work on to improve them. Besides them, there are some third party modifications done as well which are not the part of the official game released by the company. For this purpose, there are many unofficial communities developed as well. Where every gamer can put up their modifications or can share their ideas related to any specific games.

Gaming Competitions

Plus these communities also provides a chance for all the gamers to gather around a single platform and provide their suggestions, and sometimes companies also give a look at these unofficial communities in order to find some useful information, which they cannot find by their professionals. Besides these discussions and communities, if we talk about gaming competitions. Then there are several different competitions held around the world, and each of them represents their own games by online streaming.

Major League Gaming

IF we talk about Call of Duty, then for this there is an organisation named as Major League Gaming. And they hold the official Call of Duty competitions around the globe by online streaming. Here players have to beat the records of each other in order to make time records.

Get the best Games Information and Games News

Online gaming is something people of all age group love but mostly the teenagers. People who love gaming are obviously crazy about games. The all the time want to keep updated about the gaming world, new popular games and what are the reviews of those game. Reviews are how you know how good a game is and that is how you come to even know about a game. A game with better reviews gets popular and you end up finding it. Game news is important to al the game overs so they could keep themselves updated about new cool games and what is most popular that time.

Game News

The Internet is the ultimate source of all the information. We can find all types of news here on the internet even when it is game news. You can find hundreds of websites that provide game news and if you become a member of that website they even notify you about what’s hot in the gaming world. Following are some of the important news that you need to know about most popular games of today.


Good news for all the X-box lovers worldwide is that Microsoft has released the news of the launch of X-box One X possibly in November. The hardware of X-box One X is said to be the best of all and is probably smaller in size making it easy to handle. And also there has been new about the release of almost 22 new games. This is the great game news for all of the X-box lovers.


In the latest game news, Sony hasn’t reported or hinted toward any new hardware coming but it has been told that Sony has sold almost one million PS VR headsets since the time it has been launched. Sony at E3 has also told about the number of games that are being released this year. Spider-Man Marvel is also coming on the PlayStation and also a new look at Call of Duty: World War II Multiplayer will be launched soon.

Best E3 trailers and games of 2017



If you are looking for more Game News then you should look at the list by E# that consist of all the new and exciting games that are going to get released this year. Following are some of the best games.

Zelda: Breath of wild DLC packs




The trailer of this game shows the new features added to the “Master of Trials” and also there is a little expansion of the story.

Mario + Rabbit Kingdom Battle

This game is about to be released on 29th of August this year. Ubisoft and Nintendo have collaborated for this game. This game can either be played solo or Co-op.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

This game has been all over the game news. It shows the iconic battle of Star Wars and is due to be released on 17th of November 2017.

Sea of Thieves

Sa of Thieves is or X-box One X. This game shows the adventure of the pirate world but there has been no fixed date of its release.

All these game news are sure to keep you updated about the gaming world.

Download Top Free Games APK for Android Phones

If you love to play games on mobile phones, then you must know that there are thousands of mobile games available on the internet. And you can download any of them very easily. There are mobile games for many platforms, but among all of them, the most options are available for the Android games. For Android platform, you will find mostly Free Games as compared to the other platforms or operating systems. Well, basically no doubt that most games to be downloaded over Android Operating System are free of cost, but some of them include some of the in-app purchases as well. Like coins or some upgrades for the player. As for every operating system, there are installation files in order to install the applications or games. So the installation files for Android Operating System are known as APK Files as they use the .apk extension command.

Below are some of the most famous and Free Games for an Android operating system for which you can download APK files from different app stores.

The Sims Mobile APK

The Sims™ Mobile


This is an Adventure Category game, and in this game, you have to create a unique character which would be your player throughout the game. This is the smaller version of the most famous games series developed by EA Electronics Company. In this game, you have started your player’s life from zero. And as the game proceeds your player accomplish some goals as well which includes purchasing a house, purchasing furniture and decorations, starting a career, making new friends etc. Well, it all depends on you that what type of story you will develop.

Injustice 2 APK

If you are a fan of DC Comics, then for sure this game is made for you. This is an action game based on all the characters of DC comics. This is a sequel to its predecessor and most famous game injustice. In this game, all you need to do is to make a team of three players, and you have to choose from the superheroes and super villains of DC comics. Then you can upgrade your players as well as you proceed through the game. Even you can change the looks of your player as well.

Gangster New Orleans APK

If you are a fan of open world and action-adventure games, then no doubt you must download the APK of this game and play it. This game has is based on a story of a gangster, who roams around the city as the most famous criminal of the city. And all you need to do is to fight against the rival gangsters and cops in order to survive. There are hundreds of cars and weapons available for you to use. In the Turf wars which is against other gangsters, you will be going to get your territory back from them by killing your rivals.

Clash of Clans APK

Who does not recognises this fun and action game? This game has gained enough popularity in Asia and Europe. In this game, you are a barbarian who is filled with rage and glory, and your main task in this game is to raise an army of barbarians, and then build your own village. Now what next you have to do is to save your village from the neighbour towns, as they will always be attacking you in order to take over your village. So use your army and protection against them and defeat them.

Download free Mobile racing games for your mobile phones

Games are now a wonderful source of our entertainment, even there are games developed by all the genders and group of ages. And not just this the games are also categorised according to the interest of people as well. At this time whatever is your interest or whatever is your age, there are hundreds of games developed for you. So just find them on the internet which is really easy to download from there. There are many different categories of games, and each category has further thousands of games like Action Games, Adventure Games, Racing Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, Puzzle Games, Card Games, Casino Games, Board Games etc. Now it is up to you that which is your favourite category for games. Just suppose if you love Racing Games then following are some of its best and latest games.

Dr Driving 2 APK

If you love to drive your car in the game just like you do in real, then no doubt Dr Driving 2 is perfect for you. This is the latest part of Dr Driving and it includes many new and exciting levels with latest cars and more enhanced driving method. This is one of the biggest and realistic car simulation game, with exciting missions.

CSR Racing 2 APK


If you are a fan of drag racing, then you cannot find any other game better than this. This game is not like other ordinary mobile Racing Games, and the reason is that this game has extraordinary and realistic mobile graphics which you cannot find in any other mobile Racing Games. With this game, you are going to experience some real drag racing fun in your hand. This game includes all the exotic and supercars of today’s world. And you have to unlock them by completing different challenges.

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing APK

This is another fun and adventurous Racing game for mobile. This game is an advanced version of the famous Racing Games series which is known as Asphalt Racing. Well, this game is a bit different from its predecessors as here you are not going to drive your car on a smooth road. Instead, you will be riding off-road, which makes this game more thrilling. Now you do not just focus on beating your opponents, but you also have to make a grip on your car.

Need for Speed No Limits APK

When it comes to the Car Racing Games, then Need for Speed always stuck in the mind. As this is the most popular Racing Games series around the globe. And now this game is also available for the mobiles as well. This game is no less in features like other parts of this game. You can customise your vehicle as you want, and even you can make some upgrades as well in order to get an advantage in racing. In this game, you are going to experience almost every type of place from smooth roads to the dirt filled off-roads.

Download Free All types Mobile Phone Games

Now we are living in the world of technology, and even our sources of entertainment are also related to the technology. WE are playing computer games from the start of 20th century. And as the technology arises, these games are also evolving. As we all know that our mobile phones are also a type of computer, and for sure games were also required to be played over here. So when these mobile phones started to become common among us, then Mobile Phone Games also started to be developed. To match the graphics quality on such a small screen was really challenging, but engineers accepted this challenge and now games similar to be played on computers are developed for mobile phones as well. And among those popular games are Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Games for Mobile Phones

Now games are developed for all the platforms of mobile phones which include iOS, Windows, Android, Symbian, Java etc. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of games are now available to be played on different mobile phones. Some of those games are free to be installed, and among those free games, there are also some in-app purchases included as well. And some games are to be purchased first in order to install them. You can make payments via different methods like you can use your mobile credit as the form of payment, and at some places, you need a debit or credit card for the purchase. There are many different types of Mobile Phone Games developed now and some of them are described below,

Action Games

As the name describes the type of category, that all these games include action and fighting. So before you play these games then just get ready for unlimited brutality and fights. There are several games in this category which are going highest in ratings and some of them are Gangster Vegas, Injustice 2, Combat Squad, Mortal Kombat X, Shadow Fight 2, War Robots, Last Day on Earth, Bullet Force, and N.O.V.A Legacy.

Adventure Games

If you are looking for the games in which you need to play some tricks, and explore the game to its very end. Then for sure, this category suits you the best. These games will let your player explore the new and fun levels of the game. And some of the most famous games of this category are, Pokémon Go, Poke Saga, Criminal Case, Survival Island: Evolve, Diggy’s Adventure, and Rayman Adventures.

Sports Category

IF you are a sports enthusiast, then for sure these games are meant to be developed for you. In this category, you will unlimited fun games related to your favourite sport. And some of the most famous games of this category are, Dream League Soccer 2017, FIFA 16 Soccer, 8 Ball Pool, World Cricket Championship 2, PES Club Manager, Real Cricket 17, EA Sports UFC, Stickman Skate Battle, Basketball Stars, Archery King, Golf Clash, and NBA Live Mobile Asia.

Free Online Games

If you ever get bored, then there are a lot of things which you can do like you can read some of your interesting books, watch your favourite TV Shows or your favourite movie on Television. Besides all this, you can play several other indoor and outdoor games as well. But there would be a time comes when you want something more than just these normal activities. The reason is that humans are always in need of something new in their life. They do not want to stick to a single thing or activity forever. So another good option is to go out and explore the world, well it is really expensive and not everyone can afford it. So the last and the best thing which you can do while staying at your home, and without spending any money are to play Free Online Games on the internet.

Keep yourself busy

IF you have a software to check the number of visitors at Addicting Games, which is a very popular Free Online Games Websites. Then you will know that every day millions of people visit here, and play online games. The reason is that people of all ages and it does not matters whether they are kids or elders can keep themselves busy over here for hours and hours. And they would not even realise that the time has passed so quickly. These Free Online Games provide a source of unlimited entertainment for everyone.

What are Online Games?

Well among many of you would like to know that how these games were introduced, and when they got so much popular. So before these games were introduced on the internet people have to buy the consoles or buy the CDs of these games. And after that, they have to play that single game until they get bored of it. So after they were introduced on the internet the choice of playing different games also increased at a single time. Now people do not have to stay put to a single game, instead, all they need to do if they get bored with a single game then they just need to click. And after some loading, the next game is ready to be played.


The only thing which you all needs to remember that as it is cleared by the name of these type of games that they are online games. So you can play them as soon as you are connected to the internet, and once the connection is terminated all the progress in the game will also be lost. So before you start to play these Free Online Games make sure that you have unlimited and uninterrupted internet access. Many among you might wonder about the actual number of games which are available on the internet for free. Well, the answer is that there is no exact number is given out, and that means you have unlimited games to be played. And from time to time there is a constant increase in the number of these games.