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Now we are living in the world of technology, and even our sources of entertainment are also related to the technology. WE are playing computer games from the start of 20th century. And as the technology arises, these games are also evolving. As we all know that our mobile phones are also a type of computer, and for sure games were also required to be played over here. So when these mobile phones started to become common among us, then Mobile Phone Games also started to be developed. To match the graphics quality on such a small screen was really challenging, but engineers accepted this challenge and now games similar to be played on computers are developed for mobile phones as well. And among those popular games are Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Games for Mobile Phones

Now games are developed for all the platforms of mobile phones which include iOS, Windows, Android, Symbian, Java etc. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of games are now available to be played on different mobile phones. Some of those games are free to be installed, and among those free games, there are also some in-app purchases included as well. And some games are to be purchased first in order to install them. You can make payments via different methods like you can use your mobile credit as the form of payment, and at some places, you need a debit or credit card for the purchase. There are many different types of Mobile Phone Games developed now and some of them are described below,

Action Games

As the name describes the type of category, that all these games include action and fighting. So before you play these games then just get ready for unlimited brutality and fights. There are several games in this category which are going highest in ratings and some of them are Gangster Vegas, Injustice 2, Combat Squad, Mortal Kombat X, Shadow Fight 2, War Robots, Last Day on Earth, Bullet Force, and N.O.V.A Legacy.

Adventure Games

If you are looking for the games in which you need to play some tricks, and explore the game to its very end. Then for sure, this category suits you the best. These games will let your player explore the new and fun levels of the game. And some of the most famous games of this category are, Pokémon Go, Poke Saga, Criminal Case, Survival Island: Evolve, Diggy’s Adventure, and Rayman Adventures.

Sports Category

IF you are a sports enthusiast, then for sure these games are meant to be developed for you. In this category, you will unlimited fun games related to your favourite sport. And some of the most famous games of this category are, Dream League Soccer 2017, FIFA 16 Soccer, 8 Ball Pool, World Cricket Championship 2, PES Club Manager, Real Cricket 17, EA Sports UFC, Stickman Skate Battle, Basketball Stars, Archery King, Golf Clash, and NBA Live Mobile Asia.

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