Download Top Free Games APK for Android Phones

If you love to play games on mobile phones, then you must know that there are thousands of mobile games available on the internet. And you can download any of them very easily. There are mobile games for many platforms, but among all of them, the most options are available for the Android games. For Android platform, you will find mostly Free Games as compared to the other platforms or operating systems. Well, basically no doubt that most games to be downloaded over Android Operating System are free of cost, but some of them include some of the in-app purchases as well. Like coins or some upgrades for the player. As for every operating system, there are installation files in order to install the applications or games. So the installation files for Android Operating System are known as APK Files as they use the .apk extension command.

Below are some of the most famous and Free Games for an Android operating system for which you can download APK files from different app stores.

The Sims Mobile APK

The Sims™ Mobile


This is an Adventure Category game, and in this game, you have to create a unique character which would be your player throughout the game. This is the smaller version of the most famous games series developed by EA Electronics Company. In this game, you have started your player’s life from zero. And as the game proceeds your player accomplish some goals as well which includes purchasing a house, purchasing furniture and decorations, starting a career, making new friends etc. Well, it all depends on you that what type of story you will develop.

Injustice 2 APK

If you are a fan of DC Comics, then for sure this game is made for you. This is an action game based on all the characters of DC comics. This is a sequel to its predecessor and most famous game injustice. In this game, all you need to do is to make a team of three players, and you have to choose from the superheroes and super villains of DC comics. Then you can upgrade your players as well as you proceed through the game. Even you can change the looks of your player as well.

Gangster New Orleans APK

If you are a fan of open world and action-adventure games, then no doubt you must download the APK of this game and play it. This game has is based on a story of a gangster, who roams around the city as the most famous criminal of the city. And all you need to do is to fight against the rival gangsters and cops in order to survive. There are hundreds of cars and weapons available for you to use. In the Turf wars which is against other gangsters, you will be going to get your territory back from them by killing your rivals.

Clash of Clans APK

Who does not recognises this fun and action game? This game has gained enough popularity in Asia and Europe. In this game, you are a barbarian who is filled with rage and glory, and your main task in this game is to raise an army of barbarians, and then build your own village. Now what next you have to do is to save your village from the neighbour towns, as they will always be attacking you in order to take over your village. So use your army and protection against them and defeat them.

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