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Online gaming is something people of all age group love but mostly the teenagers. People who love gaming are obviously crazy about games. The all the time want to keep updated about the gaming world, new popular games and what are the reviews of those game. Reviews are how you know how good a game is and that is how you come to even know about a game. A game with better reviews gets popular and you end up finding it. Game news is important to al the game overs so they could keep themselves updated about new cool games and what is most popular that time.

Game News

The Internet is the ultimate source of all the information. We can find all types of news here on the internet even when it is game news. You can find hundreds of websites that provide game news and if you become a member of that website they even notify you about what’s hot in the gaming world. Following are some of the important news that you need to know about most popular games of today.


Good news for all the X-box lovers worldwide is that Microsoft has released the news of the launch of X-box One X possibly in November. The hardware of X-box One X is said to be the best of all and is probably smaller in size making it easy to handle. And also there has been new about the release of almost 22 new games. This is the great game news for all of the X-box lovers.


In the latest game news, Sony hasn’t reported or hinted toward any new hardware coming but it has been told that Sony has sold almost one million PS VR headsets since the time it has been launched. Sony at E3 has also told about the number of games that are being released this year. Spider-Man Marvel is also coming on the PlayStation and also a new look at Call of Duty: World War II Multiplayer will be launched soon.

Best E3 trailers and games of 2017



If you are looking for more Game News then you should look at the list by E# that consist of all the new and exciting games that are going to get released this year. Following are some of the best games.

Zelda: Breath of wild DLC packs




The trailer of this game shows the new features added to the “Master of Trials” and also there is a little expansion of the story.

Mario + Rabbit Kingdom Battle

This game is about to be released on 29th of August this year. Ubisoft and Nintendo have collaborated for this game. This game can either be played solo or Co-op.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

This game has been all over the game news. It shows the iconic battle of Star Wars and is due to be released on 17th of November 2017.

Sea of Thieves

Sa of Thieves is or X-box One X. This game shows the adventure of the pirate world but there has been no fixed date of its release.

All these game news are sure to keep you updated about the gaming world.

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