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Computer games started to developed centuries ago, and after that, it catches the attention of people from every corner of the world. As it became a source of entertainment for everyone, but as the time passed some people started to take these games more seriously. They got themselves deeply involved with Gaming, as they considered that Gaming is not just a source of entertainment but it can also be someone’s passion or become a sport as well. And after that Gaming become one of the famous sports, and then after 1950s Gaming Competitions were started. In the start, as it was the age of classic games so competitions were of Retro gaming, but as advanced and latest games started to develop then different Gaming Communities were organised.

Gaming Communities

The main purpose of these communities was to hold the official discussions related to their specific games. Every Gaming community takes out proper discussions online in order to bring some new features or to make some advancements in their recently developed games. In these communities not just the official member of the company, but many other professional gamers participate as well, and put up their ideas in front of company officials. And a good example of it is Rockstar community, as they introduced so many versions of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 5. The reason for releasing so many version is due to some deficiencies in their previous versions, or there were some contents and features which were not appropriate for these type of games.

Unofficial Communities

So after making enough improvements, they kept on introducing newer versions, and in 2015 the final version of Grand Theft Auto 5 was released with all the improvements or whatsoever changes required were made in it. These online communities are really necessary, as due to them company instantly finds out their deficiencies, and starts to work on to improve them. Besides them, there are some third party modifications done as well which are not the part of the official game released by the company. For this purpose, there are many unofficial communities developed as well. Where every gamer can put up their modifications or can share their ideas related to any specific games.

Gaming Competitions

Plus these communities also provides a chance for all the gamers to gather around a single platform and provide their suggestions, and sometimes companies also give a look at these unofficial communities in order to find some useful information, which they cannot find by their professionals. Besides these discussions and communities, if we talk about gaming competitions. Then there are several different competitions held around the world, and each of them represents their own games by online streaming.

Major League Gaming

IF we talk about Call of Duty, then for this there is an organisation named as Major League Gaming. And they hold the official Call of Duty competitions around the globe by online streaming. Here players have to beat the records of each other in order to make time records.

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